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Obies Scottish Tour

Obie the Comedian is now touring Scotland for the months of June/July. He may well be coming to a location near you. If you want to buy a ticket we recommend early booking and tickets can be bought from our "Tickets and Shows" tab from this site. If you would like Obie to come and visit your venue and spread his hilarity please feel free to contact me and we can discuss your requirements, He has very few dates left so please be quick

After a brilliant year at the Edinburgh festival last year Obie is taking his solo show on tour this year. Obie has been on the circuit for 18 years in Scotland. He headlines gigs all over the country and has performed shows all over the word including Australia, Germany and Ireland. Obie is highly regarded as one of the most naturally talented comedians on the circuit today. His shows is filled with surreal journeys, life observations and a bit of philosophy of life.

As well as having brilliant material Obie can easily change gears and go off on a riff and react rapidly to whats going on in the room. This shows is called the F*** It List 2. The idea behind that is that we are all held back in life by the barriers of social conditioning. We hold back from doing things we really want to do because of conditioning from our parents, friends, teachers and the media. This show is about breaking free from social conditioning and living your life with more freedom and fun. Its about listening to all thoughts and concerns about the people around you who want to live a safe boring life and then saying ‘F*** it’ and doing it anyway. Life is too short not to take a chance on doing what you love. The biggest regret people on their death beds have are not things they did, but things they didn’t do. Come along and join in the journey. You are only one ‘F*** it’ away from changing everything. ‘Sublimely daft’ Chortle ‘Laugh out loud funny’ Three weeks.

The Master Memory Workshop

John O’ Briens Memory Master Class

How good is your memory? Come along to John O’ Briens Memory Master Class and learn some powerful memory techniques!

About John O’ Briens Memory Master Class


Is it bad, ok, brilliant?

Whatever the answer did you know that the average adult is capable of amazing memory feats.

The memory techniques I will teach you in this weekend workshop are powerful. You will be amazed at how easy it is to apply and how much fun it can be as well. 

I first started learning these techniques when I was a teenager.

I was in the fifth year at school. I had done pretty well in my exams the previous years. I was in the fifth year now and started doing my higher grades. Before the fifth year, I studied hard at school and didn't really do much other than study and play snooker. Yes, I was that boring.

Then it came to the fifth year. I started coming out of my shell a bit more then. I would go out at the weekend with friends and had more of an interest in girls and enjoying myself than studying. 

I still wanted to do well in my exams though but didn't want to put in the same amount of time as previous years on studying. I became interested in learning memory techniques when I saw a game show on TV, Monkhouse's Memory Master.

The idea of the show was that the contestants were given some memory training by a memory expert in advance of the show then they were tested on the show.

Some examples of what they had to do were memorise a list of British towns and their European twin town, memorise the number plates corresponding to cars etc.

I was fascinated by this.

How was this possible. How could they take ordinary members of the public and teach them to do seemingly extraordinary feats of memory?

I was intrigued.

Also at this time, I remember seeing adverts in the newspaper about some memory course that claimed that you could attain a super human memory by using the techniques in the course.

They claimed you could memorise a speech without notes, memorise names and faces of hundreds of people you have just met, and memorise the order of a shuffled pack of playing cards after seeing them only once.

I was interested in this, but a bit sceptical.

After seeing the game show, though, I thought maybe it was possible. Could I really learn this stuff?

I started doing some research, bought some books and started working this stuff out. The first book I got was from a guy called Harry Loraine called Super Power Memory. 

I started reading that and I was hooked. It was an easy read and within a few pages, I could understand how the whole memory thing worked.

I started off memorising shortlists of ten to twenty random items in order. I was amazed when I got them all right.

After a few days, I managed to memorise 100 random items by number. This fascinated me.

I then learned to memorise a pack of cards in order. When I was going through the system I wasn't sure if I would get the order right, but I was amazed when I did. I got the odd one wrong, but I was amazed.

These techniques were great. I used them to learn information for my exams and I did pretty well with less effort than I had to.

I continued studying these memory techniques. They helped me through university, helped me memorise stand-up comedy routines, speeches etc.

I now have a routine in my stand-up comedy shows I sometimes use where I get a list of random words from the audience from 20 to over 100. I memorise these words, get the audience to shout out numbers and I improvise a routine from them. 
I started sharing these techniques with people over the years and eventually started running workshops over the past few years. I currently have an online course that has over 2000 students enrolled. 

During this weekend you will learn the techniques that world memory champions use to do amazing things like memorise multiple packs of playing cards in order without making a mistake, memorise names more easily, memorise large amounts of data for any new subject you want to learn.

The list of what you are capable of learning easier from these techniques are endless.

There will also be a number of practical exercises where you can work on putting these techniques to use to enhance your life. 
What you will learn.
Memory Palaces ( used my world memory champions to remember a huge amount of data)
How to remember the names and faces of large groups of people.
How to remember speeches without the use of notes. 
How to turn number into images you can easily remember. ( Can be used to easily remember dates for birthdays, important engagements etc.)
How to remember the contents of books. Cuts down the time it takes to master any new subject. 
Remember the contents of any course such as personal development etc.
Remember information of products or service to be a more efficient sales person.
How to memorize a shuffled pack of playing cards after looking at them only once ( Admittedly not a practical one, but a cool thing to do as a party trick)
Some other party tricks to show off to your friends
Some great ways of using your imagination to improve your state of mind and increase your confidence and happiness. 
Lots of practical ways these techniques can be used in networking, business and personal life. 
How to improve your imagination and creativity. 
You will also get a free copy of my online course.
The list is almost endless of what these techniques can do for you. You will be amazed at what you are capable of after the first hour of the workshop. 

Here are some reviews from previous attendees. “Came away with many different ways to memorize loads of things. Learned everything in a fun and entertaining way" Heather

"I greatly enjoyed your course and learned quite a few new things. I enjoyed how it was performed in front of a live audience so that you could see the results of the systems. You were easy to listen to and your humour and attitude throughout the course was a nice plus" Alistair

"Great course that covers a lot of good material and provides specific examples" Paul.

"Loved the relaxed and humorous tone of these lectures. Easy to access, fun to learn and useful in many areas of everyday life. Can't recommend this enough - your brain will thank you!" Rob

"This man was a joy to listen to, great friendly Scottish accent, and I liked the way the audience was brought into the lessons. There is a lot of content, and I'm going to refer back to it again and again, I feel. I heartily recommend this course". Roberta

"Johns workshop covers a tremendous variety of techniques you can use to remember what you need to remember it also highlights the ability to combine techniques to give you even more choices and the foundations to devise your own memory system. John is engaging and has given me information that i can work with now and in the future. A worthwhile investment." George. 

Places are limited for this event. Book your place now.

No refunds will be given if you are unable to attend an event. If the event is cancelled by Lady Shona Comedy a full refund will be given up to and no more than the cost of the ticket. Refunds will be given by the same method that payment was taken and will be completed within 30 days.

Postal Address 
21 Falside Cresent,Bathagte ,EH48 1PJ, Scotland,UK

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